The designer of lamp collection – Julia Kononenko, was inspired by the shape of hazelnut. As a result, the wooden part of lamps that made of ash looks like a real nut.

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The collection includes 6 types of lamps that differ in diameter and configuration. Above all, they share one style, with similar elements, and can be easily combined.

An elegant Italian belt leather and strong ash wood make the collection so stylish and contemporary.  

Nut C Collection includes ceiling lamps and wall sconces.

Ceiling lamp NUT B – $450

Ceiling Lamp NUT C – $390

Ceiling lamp NUT S – $290

Wall Sconce NUT W – $325

Wall Sconce NUT W2 – $325

Wall Sconce NUT W3 – $325

If you are interested in our lamps, go by the link to our shop:

Designer – Kononenko ID
Hand-finished – MZPA

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