These bath “sculptures” are practical works of art. They are durable, non-toxic, better insulated and built to last a lifetime. A former boat builder transferred his skills to the design of incredible baths.

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“My story is in traditional wooden boats, so we have experience mixing wood and water,” says Seattle-based artist and designer Nathie Katzoff in the video below:

Each of his bath masterpieces is handcrafted from durable domestic and exotic hardwoods, then sealed with a specialized finish that makes them shiny, smooth and waterproof.

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“Why wood? It’s not a refined petroleum-based, molded or refined product that requires a huge amount of energy to create, “Katz told Iconic Life magazine.

The-old-boat-builder-produces-breathtaking-wooden-tubs The old boat builder produces breathtaking wooden tubs. Bathroom  wooden produces builder breathtaking

“Wood comes from the Earth and, if harvested and treated properly, will last forever.


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