Leather chair: Babu and clop chairs by Jordi Ribaudí and other leather chairs

© Jordi Balcells Leather chair: how, what, what for? The Spanish designer Jordi Ribaudí created not only a chair but real sculptures. He created the chairs Babu, Clop and a high chair, called Pony, which we would like to introduce in this article. The Babu leather chair, in particular, was inspired by the great tribal desert journeys, in which men feel close to the earth. This piece of furniture is a spot for relaxation and meditation; a place to rest, a shelter.

Leather chair: Jordi Ribaudí’s Babu chair

The design of the chair is made from a single piece of leather to create the backrest, while the small brass feet hold the structure together. A cushion is added for comfort. Designed for the furniture manufacturer TORU¹, the chair is shaped from a single piece of natural leather six mm thick that has been tanned and waxed. The tanning that the leather chair has undergone is vegetable. Thus, the leather becomes supple and rot-proof. The use over time gives Babu a special patina that can change its color. leather-chair-babu-jordi-ribauda-desert-design Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    © Jordi Balcells

Leather chair: Jordi Ribaudí’s Clop chair

The furniture manufacturer TORU is a young company of craftsmanship and design that produces beautiful furniture , simply designed with exquisite materials. Their collections are characterized by the use of high quality leather, produced locally with the highest standards of crafts using vegetable tanned leather. jordi-ribaud-clop-design-leather-chair Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    This is what motivates them to explore the properties of leather for the design of objects. Experiment with the material to create original shapes with symbolic, aesthetic, but also tactile qualities. All of their products are handmade by local artisans and are either unique or produced in small batches. They are exciting designs that can last for many years. jordi-ribaud-clop-design-style-leather-chair Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    Founded in 2015 by Jordi Ribaudí², the company based in Igualada (Barcelona) has its roots in the local leather industry, and is located in a restored tannery of the nineteenth century. The story of Toru’s creation goes back to 2005, when Jordi Ribaudí decided to move his product design studio very close to where his family had run a leather factory.

Pony leather chair by Jordi Ribaudí

high-leather-chair-jordi-ribauda-design Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    In 2009 and alongside his activity as a designer, Jordi Ribaudí teamed up with a group of designers to start the Recstores project in order to make visible the architectural heritage by temporarily installing “popup” stores in abandoned tanneries.

Babu leather chair produced by a single piece of natural leather by the company Toru de Jordi Ribaudí

leather-chair-babu-jordi-ribaud-design-desert-profile Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    © Jordi Balcells From this project and thanks to the neighborhood, he began to establish contacts and friendships with the tanners of the region. With proximity, while knowing the process and the possibilities of the material, he begins to explore, experiment and finally create with leather. Thus, a collection of pieces was born in what finally became the TORU project in 2015. leather-chair-babu-jordi-ribaud-design-desert-back Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    © Jordi Balcells Toru produces all of its collections exclusively with cowhide tanned leather treated with chestnut, mimosa and quebracho juice. f1c56bc48944c79ec2a9d773db6996d3-632x1024 Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    © Jordi Balcells The Igualada industrial district is home to one of the largest concentrations of leather factories in Europe. Most of them specialize in the manufacture of high-end leather for well-known fashion brands. clop-leather-chair-jordi-ribauda-design-back Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    Some of them continue to do through vegetable tanning. This tanning technique dates back to the dawn of time and is characterized by the use of plant extracts to transform skins into leather. Its main feature is to maximize the appearance and color and raw material of origin while ensuring the absence of dangerous or irritating chemical components. leather-chair-clop-jordi-ribaude-design-profile Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    Toru’s collections are produced with tanned vegetable clover leather leaving visible textures and natural skin imperfections. The color of the leather comes from the material itself and the plant extracts. By adding natural anilines, we obtain the remaining colors. clutch-jordi-ribauda-design-all-angle-leather-chair Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

Leather chairs: other chairs for a wider choice

Less original but without being less stylish, this Langham chair gives comfort thanks to its shape and stability. Designed to be a chair that is used to accommodate people around the table at meal times, it must be very comfortable. chair-leather-comfortable-kitchen Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    Such a chair can perfectly find its place in the living room thanks to its high-end qualities. The materials used for its design, namely leather and wood, allow it to be part of several decorations. Its characteristics and its somewhat vintage appearance open doors in interiors of all styles. chair-in-mahogany-leather Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    The unit price is around 150 euros. Its use can be variable, as mentioned above . The designer has designed it to be used in hotels, receptions, etc. You can find it on the websites under the name of Langham. leather-chair-langham-design Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

Leather chair: from simplicity to chic

Having a similar shape to the Langham chair, the leather chairs that the business offers can have metal legs. This last feature places the chair in a different category from the vintage category. It allows the chair to fit into a more industrial style. b59477e2b353e8abbd011174e8e2a313-683x1024 Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    Located between the vintage and the modern, the chair with round seat remains perfect especially for offices. This soft-colored chair shown in the picture below can also be used as a children’s room. Ideal for school children, it will provide long hours of comfort and stability. langham-leather-chair Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

Relaxing leather chair

Located between the chair and the deck chair or the chaise longue, this leather and wood chair is a piece of jewelery. Comfort is guaranteed, as you can see for yourself. flesh-leather-jon-goulder Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

Leather chair in original shape reminiscent of a quarter of cognac glass

On the one hand, no chair can be more original than the one presented at the beginning of the article, the Babu chair by Jordi Ribaudí, but on the other hand, the originality does not compare! A green leather chair that looks like a quarter of a glass of cognac is original at first! Then she is chic, interesting and comfortable. leather-color-green Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

Leather chairs: the fair in colors

In velvet or skin, these multicolored chairs can be bought together and guarantee your interior of joy and originality. With a back-shaped backrest of a rounded tank top, the chair can only be comfortable. leather-leather-dolphin-corduroy Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    Other multi-colored leather chairs can catch your eye and respond to your tastes and demands. leather-leather-variety Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

Chair leather chair

The chair is one of the most comfortable types of furniture. The chair chair has an egg shape. The body that sits on this chair dives in and finds happiness. This leather chair is blue but if you prefer another color you can find it in other colors. flesh-leather-knoll-indoor-ecliss-italy Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    The true form of egg is this one. This natural colored leather chair offers comfort. Equipped with a pouf and a shaft, the chair is cozy and swivel. egg-style-leather-chair Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    Here it is from the front. Nice, interesting, soft and comfortable, the egg chair can find its place in any interior of any style. chair-leather-armchair-swiveling Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

Leather chair with round seat and straight back

leather-chair-lynette Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

Leather armchair with round seat and straight back

The legs of the chair go up to the console of armrests. In fact, the feet and armrests are one. The X spacer is slightly oblique. It is a very original chair leather chair. Modern and vintage at the same time, this armchair will surely please you. stella-flesh-chair-leather-luca-nichetto Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    Here is another leather chair with a less round seat. The armrests are placed lower. The seat recline is similar to a lounge chair, but the back of the chair is shorter than that of the lounge chair. In addition, the chair is made of leather, while there are rarely leather chairs. 6c52cd445c068752cf705c3ab46291fe-683x1024 Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    On the other hand, this leather chair looks a lot like a lounge chair, with the exception of the armrests. A sunbed never has armrests. The leather chair shown in the picture below has more qualities than a chaise longue. Leather is less flexible than fabric but safer. The quality of the leather can be guaranteed for longer. In addition, the armrests can support his elbows and relax better. The only quality a lounger has that the leather chair does not have is the ability to adjust the seat height and depth. flesh-leather-contemporary-bed-days Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

Leather chair with reclining backrest

Here, the seat is not rounded. He is right. The record however is very inclined, the transat type. Like an armchair, the armrests are placed very high. The comfort once sitting on this chair is guaranteed! leather-in-leather-ib-kofod-larsen Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

Leather and wood chair in upright position with armrests

Even if this chair has none of the chairs we have presented, it offers comfort. This chair can be used in the kitchen when sitting down to eat. The wooden backrest keeps the back straight and allows the body to maintain a correct posture. ergonomic-leather-chair Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

Leather armchairs: comfort guaranteed

They are more chairs than armchairs because they do not have armrests. But there are no armchairs without armrests. However, we will consider them as armchairs because the inclination of their seats is that of a lounge chair. flesh-leather-foter Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    Such a chair can not be bought in series and put, with others, around a table. There is usually one or two at most, placed in a corner of the house where the person who sits there remains to relax. One can easily fall asleep on a chair like that, proving once again that the furniture is actually an armchair.

Here is a leather chair that is literally a bed. A footrest stool or rather a footrest chair is an inseparable part of this comfortable piece of furniture. The recliner chair is made of leather under which soft material is padded for comfort. Same for the cushion placed on the footrest. A headrest allows the person lying on the chair to fall asleep faster and for a long time. leather-leather-style-lounger-beach Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    stanley-leather-chair Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

Leather chairs having a particular shape

leather-taylor-forrest Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    leather-chair-z34 Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

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