How to build your small garden in 10 practical tips

How to build a small garden and enjoy a pleasant outdoor space throughout the year? These two questions will be answered in the following lines. You will also find a selection of 40 ideas how to arrange your small garden, balcony, terrace or backyard.

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But first of all, we will share with you 10 useful tips how to properly develop your small garden project. d58bf1db707b8c31fe1e87247c745a88-1024x768 Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

How to build a small garden?

Having any outdoor space is great. Many people dream about it, but very few are lucky enough to enjoy it. All this to say that if you even have the smallest outdoor space (balcony, garden, terrace, backyard), take care of it. With good planning and some tips in mind, you can turn any small space into a small relax place where you can also grow aromatic herbs and vegetable garden.

how-to-arrange-your-little-garden Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

How to arrange your little garden trick 1: plan and calculate

To succeed any project, it must first be planned. This way you follow a precise plan and at the end of the project there will be no surprises. It is quite possible that your small garden layout works without a plan. But experience proves that projects without a plan are less successful. Speaking of the plan, we do not want to say architectural plan, but rather a hand-made sketch space of what you imagine as good landscaping for your garden. 0962a5b62b6899bc0503c159b30a0325-1024x687 Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    The first step in planning is to start taking measurements of your terrain. Then make a list of things you want to install as plants, furniture and decor. Having a plan of ground makes it possible to distribute the elements and to arrange in a balanced way the small garden. how-to-arrange-your-little-garden-back-yard-wood-table Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    The second step is to imagine each element (covering, plants, furniture, decoration) apart. For this, you can draw the elements that you find perfect for your garden. Then, search the Internet to find one or more pictures that inspire you and resemble your drawing. Applying these two steps will allow you to have a clearer and more accurate picture of what you want to do with your garden. This technique will be called “The search for ideas” . practical-tips-garden-build-small-in-10-how-your-to Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

To each, his image

Do you know that everyone between us has a precise picture for each word? This means that we do not imagine the same garden when we hear the word garden . The image you imagine when you hear the word garden is unique. So let your imagination speak and ideas come alone! f3243bd824160fbc70d999a7abb29f5f-1024x683 Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

Drawing helps to better develop your project

So even if you do not know how to draw, try to shape your garden image and draw it. Then, check out our ideas and you easily spot the layout and deco elements of the photos that match your expectations. When you collect all the drawings and ideas found, you will have the sources to design your perfect little garden. how-to-build-your-roof-terrace Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

How to build a small garden tip 2: adapt and adapt

It’s your little garden. It must then match your expectations. At the same time, it is impossible to realize all your desires, you just have to choose some. Already, you know that your garden is small, so you must be rather modest in the choice of furniture and decor. in-tips-how-garden-10-your-small-build-practical-to Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    There is necessarily a style of decoration that you like, right? So choose it for your little garden. And if it’s your favorite style, it’s quite possible that you’ve designed your home the same way. Even better because having your interior and exterior designed in the same style means having a harmonious living space. In short, other people decide to design their outdoor space in a style completely different from the one inside. In the end, everything is a question of choice, right? df7abd5b9615c035db80d9e294d6bfaa-1024x536 Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

How to arrange your little garden tip 3: do it

This is a bit of a continuation of the previous tip: when you create a space you should adapt. You already have your land measured, the plan done and the ideas in drawing and photos. So, it’s time to do the math. Determine your budget and think about whether it’s better to buy your garden furniture or make it yourself. 9d24bd57de57cc43de83cf6c3518d7e7-1024x576 Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    Currently, there are plenty of shops that offer cheap garden furniture, so it’s not hard to find something good. And for handymen, beginners or experienced, it is advised to make their garden furniture from wood pallets , furniture of recovery , tires, bottles … You can use everything! A garden arranged and decorated with furniture of recovery is a unique and personalized garden. roundtable-yard-back-outside Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

How to arrange your little garden tip 4: privilege the natural

This is simply proven by all designers of outdoor spaces: the natural is the best. Inside or outside, the pure and natural style has invaded everything and everyone. It’s simple, fits perfectly into any space, even the smallest ones, and often is small budget. So there is no reason not to appreciate it. But what is the pure and natural style. Well, it is these spaces furnished with wooden furniture where the vegetation takes place major, but also the comfort of the owners. how-to-build-your-terrace-idea-concrete-pot-gray-cement Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    practical-garden-10-your-to-build-how-in-small-tips Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

How to build a small garden tip 5: decorate and decorate in moderation

The garden is to have a healthy contact with nature every day. Yes, he is also to have his little corner of relaxation. To successfully develop your small garden, you have to make moderate choices. Do not put too much furniture, but just the necessary. Avoid the bulky decor and bet on a rather practical decor: lighting, cushions, blankets, carpets, candles. 7069f51cd248f0ce2b1882df3383819d-704x1024 Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

How to arrange your little garden tip 6: play vertically

Yes, when you do not have a lot of space, the only way to free up a little bit and bet on vertical storage solutions, including the garden. The vertical garden is to optimize and gain space. Even those of us who do not have outdoor spaces, decide to install a small garden or vertical kitchen garden in their apartments. garden-vertical-pockets-idee-plants Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    How to design a vertical garden? Well, even if “vertical garden” is serious and complicated (a little, no?) What is behind this term is very simple. It is simply a matter of growing plants vertically with sphagnum or arranging their pots vertically on a shelf, for example. You can also buy planters in pouches (made of fabrics) that are light and easy to hang anywhere: balcony, garden, terrace, back yard and even kitchen. your-tips-how-practical-in-build-small-10-to-garden Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

How to arrange your little garden tip 7: choose the right lighting

To enjoy your garden, terrace or balcony even in the evening and at night, you will need good lighting, but not any. The lighting is decisive for the atmosphere you want to install in one place. The wrong lighting choice is one of the biggest problems in interior and exterior design. Many people do not realize its importance and influence on our mood, the health of our eyes, but also on the perception of objects. how-to-build-a-small-garden-roof-terrace Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    Here is an example to better understand our idea. Imagine that a landscaped outdoor area and decorated in an impeccable way, it’s great! In the evening, it is time to turn on the lights and suddenly the image changes and we see a not so well arranged exterior. The fault of bad lighting. Do not make this mistake and rely on a rather soft lighting, why not dim, and avoid lighting too strong. Some small candles, a light garland and a lamp on foot or in suspension are a good start. how-to-arrange-your-little-garden-idea-door Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

How to arrange your little garden trick 8: the seasons change

Each season is different. The layout of your garden will depend on the seasons. In summer, we put a pergola, in autumn, we protect the furniture from the rain, in winter, we leave the chimney or the outdoor hearth, in autumn, we protect the furniture from the rain and in the spring, we leave the fate of new to enjoy. In short, climatic conditions are changing and you have to adapt your garden accordingly. how-to-arrange-your-little-garden-idea-chair-wood-cushions-terrace Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

How to arrange your little garden tip 9: do not hesitate to ask advice to professional

We can not know everything and that’s normal. If you are thinking of doing more important work such as installing a floor covering, for example, we strongly advise you to seek professional advice. This task is not very easy because it requires to explore the field before choosing the appropriate coating. In short, no matter what questions and hesitations you have, the advice of a professional is always welcome. how-to-arrange-your-little-garden-outside-ideas Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

How to arrange your little garden tip 10: pay attention to details

The details make the difference. Pay attention to detail is important in order to design a space pleasing to the eye. If you find that your interior lacks color, add a small object of a bright or pastel color. This can be a pouf, small stool, garland, cushion and many others. And yes, the little things are essential … amenager-idea-how-its-small-garden Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

Let’s explore a few more exteriors and their layout …

An outdoor area that has been perfectly planned. The geometric shapes, the garden path, the distribution of the plants – everything has been calculated with precision in order to create a modern and landscaped garden at the same time. Very well done. how-to-develop-backyard Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    Any small terrace can be transformed into a comfortable and modern place to live. The proof, the small urban terrace in the photo below. We love everything: rustic wood flooring, furniture, plants and light decor. This layout is a good example for those looking for small terrace or roof terrace ideas. f1544b81ce6afbb538eda407d2c29ebf-680x1024 Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    The next garden outside is an idea too overloaded in furniture and decoration. However, the space has been well divided into zones. The garden shed is a good option for those who wish to be in the garden throughout the year. small-space-outside-layouts Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    What a magical and wonderful space! Everything was chosen with great taste. The style is definitely Shabby chic and vintage at a time. The star-shaped garland is a great idea for an alternative fir tree. We imagine very well sitting in the comfortable chair with a good book or around the little table sharing tea and good times with friends. patio-secret-breakfast-room-hotel-henriette Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    The backyard can be arranged in many ways. In Japan, many people take advantage of spaces between two buildings to design a Zen or Japanese garden. In the following example, the designers of space have instead chosen a modern and refined style. The presence of plants everywhere is great. garden-armchair-idea-parquet-wood-sofa-cushions-flowers Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

If you live in the city, you will probably need to think about choosing an appropriate garden fence. table-small-garden-chair-outside-layouts Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

Having a pool is the dream of many people. If this dream has already become a reality for you, here is an idea how to build a small garden with swimming pool: pool-outside-idee-layouts Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    Small garden idea made with branches small-garden-outside-idee-deco-court Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    DIY and recycling solutions are always a good idea. Modern Man is one who thinks and pays attention to the environment and has a healthy contact with nature. pot-garden-diy-recup Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    We love the terraces on everything and you? If you have the chance to enjoy one or you have a friend who has … What happiness! Indeed, in recent years many contemporary architects are inspired by these spaces and create real paradises. rooftop-terrace-wood-chair-plant Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    pot-plant-idea-outside-breakfast-layouts Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    build-your-how-tips-garden-to-practical-small-in-10 Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    Enjoy its small outdoor space to create an outdoor bathroom? Why not ! Here is an idea how to do it with elegance: green wall, deco big stones and a bathtub ultra comfortable … Really well played, nothing else to add. 154c20335cfd61b6e1597428f638257e-1024x548 Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    Garden decoration with stones and wooden deck: a classic in outdoor landscaping. This garden is well organized and very simple and functional design. how-build-10-practical-tips-to-in-garden-small-your Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    A huge plant wall build-your-garden-tips-to-in-small-practical-how-10 Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

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