Deco bedroom baby girl and boy in Scandinavian style for a zen atmosphere interior

28e6b0e84576b74086e4ab5d4e97692b-683x1024 Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    Are you looking for bedroom and baby girl decorating ideas? Very good ! In the following lines, we will show you how to integrate the Scandinavian style into your little one’s room. All ideas presented here are suitable for the baby girl and boy nursery.

Deco bedroom baby girl and boy trend in Scandinavian style in 30 original ideas deco-bedroom-baby-girl-scandinavian-deco-nordic-wood Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

Who said that the bedroom decor baby girl must be pink?

The pink color has not always been associated with girls and blue with boys. In fact, throughout history the pink and blue do not stop to reverse the roles “feminine” and “masculine”. It would be from the 1940s, with the advent of industrial clothing manufacturing, marketing and advertising, that the rule “pink for girls” and “blue for boys” made it fixed on a random principle. room-baby-boy-girl-deco-deco-wall Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    For centuries, babies wore only white and neutral colors. It was only embroidery and details that changed according to social class. It’s then advertising that will introduce the fashion of a one-year-old baby who is standing up. To distinguish the sex of the baby in advertisements, he is then dressed in different clothes. Baby boomers are growing up with color stereotypes. In the 1960s with the sexual revolution in Europe, women are questioning this fashion. It goes on until the mid-1980s. Basically, it’s the marketing that imposes this trend.

deco-baby-girl-deco-bedroom-scandinavian-black-and-white-bed-wood-baby Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

In the following lines you will discover a selection of Scandinavian style baby girl and boy bedroom decor ideas.

The Scandinavian style is at the top of the trend for several years now. This style integrates perfectly with living spaces dedicated to relaxation and rest. To introduce it in the baby room girl and boy is then a very good idea. For a Scandinavian style baby girl and boy bedroom decor, we prefer white and light shades. We can, however, afford some decorative accents in black. The key is to create a simple decor and little imposing. In this way, the atmosphere of the baby room will be very pleasant and soothing.

deco-baby-girl-bedroom-black-white-garland-wall-deco Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

The bedroom decoration baby girl and boy is simple and elegant. It is not recommended to put too many useless objects. An overloaded space of objects is a space overloaded with energy. To keep the atmosphere harmonious, put the minimum possible objects and in a place where they will not disturb you.

The decorating bedroom baby girl and boy wall is practical and small price. baby-girl-deco-room-boy-black-and-white-deco Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

The big advantage of choosing different colors from the classic pink and blue for the baby room is that you can start to decorate and decorate the room even before knowing the sex of your future toddler!

You know very well that children grow up very fast. This means being prepared to change bed and decor often enough. Here’s why, we advise you to always look for the most practical solutions. For example, the choice of black and white for the nursery is a long-term choice. You can however add small decorative objects to introduce a new color, small touches.

deco-child-room-ideas-inside-white Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

Reserve white for walls and black for accessories. You know that the white color (which is not color in the true sense of the term) has a soothing effect. Here’s why it’s a frequent choice for the baby, child, teen and adult bedroom. Having white walls can also accentuate its wall decor. The dream catcher is a very interesting decorative element that mothers often put in the nursery. It serves to chase bad dreams! Decorate with a dream catcher, dreamcatcher in English, is original and easy. In the collective consciousness, he also has the power to chase bad dreams and protect us from evil spirits. The dream catcher is an Indian folk invention. To make one yourself, it’s very simple. You will need woolen rope, feathers, a hoop and possibly tassels and beads. We have recently published a publication on this subject where you can discover all the steps of a DIY dream catcher .

A beautiful room decoration baby girl and boy in black and white with dream catcher deco-baby-boy-boy-black-and-white-boy-garland-black-diy-ideas Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

One of our favorite decorative elements is undoubtedly the garland. Easy to make yourself, it can be done with many different objects: pompons, pine cones, acorns, paper, fabrics … We also love the light garlands that give a magical side to the room. To gain space, attach your decorative garland to the wall.

342c3d62561319f235ce7e356e401975-640x1024 Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    deco-baby-boy-boy-deco-wall Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

Deco bedroom baby girl and boy practice and cocoon?

It seems to us that rugs and cushions in a nursery are a must. They are not only practical, but also play a decorative role. Usually they are installed next to the crib or in the play area. For a Scandinavian side, choose black and white floor mats and cushions. You can match them with the pattern of your lighting fixture or curtains, for example. 26bf1df979b3ee81c5f2fe92f9eae389-683x1024 Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    Below, we see an elegant baby bedroom interior all designed in white. The decoration is made of Scandinavian wood objects and matching the furniture, also in light wood. A large, soft, white floor mat has been installed to ensure the desired comfort. The atmosphere of this beautiful interior is very calm and bright. The wall was also decorated with two drawings put in frame representing a fox and a bear.Very cute, Scandinavian and design!

9acbcc5bd227e1b71a97a162212c538c-683x1024 Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

The black and white decor is universal and always elegant.

You will never go wrong with white and black. If you like the Scandinavian style or are just wondering what colors to choose for your baby girl’s or boy’s room, we advise you to opt for this classic color wedding with a timeless elegance.

deco-bedroom-baby-girl-boy-black-and-white-deco-bed-light Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

The rocking chair: a decorative object and decorative design perfect for the nursery

Installing a rocking chair in the nursery is always a good idea. Finally, parents also need some comfort when caring for their baby. Design and elegant, the rocking chair adds a very stylish side to the baby room. Decorate the chair with a pretty blanket and cushions with original patterns.

87c9d6f986669860090307dbb7e4e52f-682x1024 Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

A dressing room for your little toddler? We say “yes”!

As we already mentioned, children grow up very fast. One day, you wake up and your child is already grown up … And yes, time passes so quickly. Think about this when designing and decorating the nursery. For example, installing a small open dressing room is a long term idea. You will need a dressing from the birth of your toddler. Design it elegantly and add some stylish decor elements.

room-baby-girl-bed-pelouches Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

Open shelves – always a good decision for any room in the house

We have already dedicated some articles on the subject of open shelves and their benefits. They are installed without hesitation in all rooms of the house – bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom etc. If your child’s room is not large, then open storage solutions are for you. Put away the children’s books, stuffed animals, decorative objects and add some small potted plants.

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We love this little room interior baby girl or boy in black and white. room-deco-black-white-baby Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

Yellow is also a universal color that fits inside baby girl and boy room. We particularly like pastel yellow – joyful and chic at the same time. In the baby room interior below, there is also a dream catcher hanging just above the crib.

room-girl-idea-baby-girl-room-deco Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

The baby room interior below is perfectly decorated. Pastel colors, black and white marry to create a cocoon and modern atmosphere. This interior is one of the perfect examples of what the baby room is in Scandinavian style.

deco-baby-girl-ideas-deco-space Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

The elegant decoration is the one that is discreet. deco-scandinavian-room-baby-girl Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

Decorate the nursery with green plants to purify the air in the room.

We have already mentioned several times that having plants in your room has many benefits. We purify the air, we add a touch of natural deco and we have a sustainable decor. Living with plants everyday, especially for those who live in the city, is important. Installing one or a few pots of plants in your toddler’s room means that it will be an idea closer to nature. Your child will have a contact with nature everyday! And that is really important for his well-being … deco-bedroom-baby-boy-girl-bed-wood-carpet-floor Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    7edb0e4c073a320715d84bec29ed6874-683x1024 Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    You can opt for a large potted plant and place it on the ground or for a few small pots and install them on shelves attached to the wall or the edge of the window. Remember that plants (even the most resistant) regularly need light and water. Place them in a sunny spot and water them at least once a week. 3acfce678c5d2893961b3f4052db093a-682x1024 Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    The baby room interior below is all white and all elegant. deco-scandinavian-baby-girl-ideas Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    The baby girl or boy’s room does not need a lot of decoration. deco-scandinavian-bedroom-baby-wall-interior Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    Bet on the room decor ideas baby girl or boy simple and small prices. You will probably soon have to change it! 5c33e65fb3d47234c95e2a8e2907bd49-683x1024 Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    The wallpaper is also an elegant way to introduce a decorative touch in the room without losing space. a9187602e167db6ffa96567de15b8208-683x1024 Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    bebe-room-interior-decor-deco-scandinavian-space Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    258e6791e692da3f6ac08605670aef4f-678x1024 Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    room-baby-girl-boy-deco Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    deco-baby-boy-boy-deco-wall Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    bed-wood-deco-dresser-wall-shelf Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    baby-girl-wall-deco-wall-shelves-wood-dresser Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

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