What’s an open kitchen idea for your home?

The concept of open kitchen is becoming more prevalent in modern interiors. Recently built houses and villas as well as new buildings often have meal preparation areas that are connected with a dining room or living room. The open plans also appeal to many old housing owners who want to create a more friendly atmosphere. They then opt for makeover projects to develop a large kitchen with living room by the association of two rooms located next to each other.

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Open kitchen ideas – what are its advantages and disadvantages?

If you consider the idea of ​​creating an open kitchen or buying real estate with such a plan of interior space, you are probably interested in ways to make the most of it. What are the advantages of such a kitchen? And is it preferred over other types of meal preparation areas? “Home decor group new” offers some answers to these questions in the following lines. Enjoy! To make your reading even more useful, we have illustrated this text with a selection of images on the subject of open kitchen ideas!

What is open cooking and why is it so popular right now?

kitchen-idea-open-plan-outdoor-terrace-black-wood Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    The kitchen with open plan is one of the most popular interior design solutions these days. How to explain this phenomenon ? When it comes to kitchen plans, there are some common solutions. Those interested in interior design probably already know the technical terms used to design them. kitchen-wood-plan-open-checkered-tile Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    U-shaped kitchen, L, I, kitchen with corridor plan or open type. Also known as American cuisine, because of its popularity in the Channel, the open kitchen is virtually connected to another room, or even to the entire living space. This last case is found especially in loft type interiors. In other words, all open kitchen deco ideas are based on the fact that it lacks walls of separation. interior-design-kitchen-modern-deco Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    The raison d’être of a kitchen with an open plan is the desire to earn more space. Instead of arranging a small room with fridge, oven and worktop and a living room dining room apart, so we put on a larger space. It fulfills at the same time as many varied functions. Cook, serve meals, have a drink, relax … all these activities take place in this room of the house. kitchen-design-idea-contemporary-deco Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    For this reason, the open kitchen is often considered as a room that predisposes to conviviality. It is also regarded as ideal for families with children and for those who like to invite friends and have fun together. But is this type of interior layout so functional? Let’s take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of this kind of space.

The open kitchen is ideal for saving space

open-plan-kitchen-island-wood-decoration Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    When we talk about this type of space, we naturally consider one or more ideas open kitchen decor that can save space. Open kitchens can be arranged in many different ways. In fact, this kind of room can also be organized with an I-plan, a U-shape or with a central island and bar! idea-kitchen-open-plan-living-room-modern-amenagement Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    This is a major advantage of an open room. We can take full advantage of all the strengths of an island or a large counter, incorporating them to a kitchen open concept. kitchen-idea-open-kitchen-furniture-wood-island-white Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    The lack of walls facilitates projects that aim to gain more space. Thus, by removing an old wall, it will easily open a small kitchen on a living room or on a dining room. You will not only eliminate the separation between two rooms but also facilitate communication. At the same time, you could save yourself unnecessary trips and save time! kitchen-idea-open-kitchen-island-central-modern-design Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    For example, if you have to serve several dishes one after the other, you could simply place them on the worktop of your central island. It’s much simpler and faster than going back and forth between rooms! idea-kitchen-open-plan-parquet-wood-island-central Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    In the space cleared after the work, you can realize a corner of meal. It can be arranged in a small corner. It could also occupy a more or less important surface, according to the possibilities offered by the housing.

Opting for an open kitchen decor idea is to make the space more visible

decoration-for-kitchen-open-interior-idea Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    The lack of walls is a good idea for those who want to save space and facilitate communication within the family. But it’s also a good way to make the piece more visible. This is not always an advantage. We all had moments of tiredness or days when we do not have time to tidy up his kitchen. Unfortunately, this is not always obvious in a kitchen with open plan! decoration-open-kitchen-interior-design Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    Whatever the idea of ​​open kitchen design is adopted, his work plans will probably be visible from the living room or dining room. This particularity of the space may give the impression of a poorly organized house. idea-kitchen-open-plan-deco-bar-marble Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    To complete this, even if you have a perfectly tidy house, the plates and cutlery that you just removed from the dining table, will probably be visible once placed in the kitchen. This is probably the biggest disadvantage of a kitchen with open plan.

Betting on an open kitchen decor idea is to visually increase the room

kitchen-idea-open-deco-interior-bar-gray Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    You will understand, bet on an open kitchen decor idea, it is considerably increase the size of the room. More specifically, it’s also removing visual obstructions, such as walls and other ways of dividing space. idea-kitchen-open-design-modern-photo Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    To replace them, you can opt for a practical yet elegant piece of furniture, such as a low storage or a center island. The islets are an excellent idea kitchen open kitchen. They make the room bigger and clearer. At the same time, they are very functional from the point of view of the preparation of varied meals. 58d590e131210d5d5d95fccc01e3854a-683x1024 Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    Add to that that modern kitchen islands can accommodate hotplates, a sink or oven, for example. As a result, they give even more layout options and open kitchen ideas. 06eccca704c5a00a7a9b208106cebd4c-683x1024 Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    Also note, islets and peninsulas of modern kitchens are an additional way to create one or two varied corners within the space. In this way, you will enjoy a more organized room, even if it is open to everyone!

Adopting an open kitchen decor idea is keeping an eye on other rooms in the house

decoration-idea-modern-kitchen-open-plan Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    It is often said that the kitchen with open plan is ideal for large families. But it’s not just because this kind of room can accommodate more people. It’s also because we can keep an eye on the other corners of the house! deco-to-open-kitchen-modern-design Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    With an idea open kitchen, you will cook several easily. The space created by the absence of additional walls is ideal for families passionate about the culinary arts. You can turn two or three around the central island without any problem! open-kitchen-dining-room-paint-white Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    Do you have children? Then you will also have the opportunity to observe them while making dinner. They can do coloring or homework on a table next door and you will be able to help them or chat with them while cooking! deco-modern-kitchen-interior-design-idea Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    In other words, kitchens with open plan are perfect for people who live dynamically. If you can not do just one task and you’re still doing several things at once, opt for an open kitchen design idea!

To try an open kitchen decor idea is to spend more time with your loved ones

kitchen-open-plan-layouts-interior-deco Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    Here is another advantage of an open kitchen decorating idea: you will have more time to spend with your loved ones. It is a natural consequence of this organization of space. With an open type kitchen, you will spend less time alone … next to the hotplates! kitchen-open-plan-deco-interior-idea Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    You can chat with your loved ones, watch TV or have a drink with friends while having a meal. During the weekends, you will always have the opportunity to prepare a good breakfast without locking yourself in the kitchen! kitchen-open-plan-modern-island-central-idea Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    Add to this that for all these reasons, an open kitchen design idea will also appeal to roommates and students. If you share an apartment with friends, all the rites around preparing meals will be more fun in an open kitchen.

Cooking in an open kitchen means having more smells in your home

kitchen-open-on-deco-indoor-terrace Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    Making a meal is almost always an activity accompanied by a variety of smells. Sometimes it’s a nice aroma, for example, if you’re making a dessert or a fresh salad. In other cases, odors can be persistent or even unpleasant. open-kitchen-living-on-deco-idea Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    If cooking is almost always accompanied by a smell, it usually stays in the kitchen. But this is not the case at all in a space with an open plan. In this kind of interiors, on the contrary, smells circulate freely throughout the house. This is one of the big drawbacks of open kitchens! kitchen-open-plan-interior-bar-island-wood Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    The easiest way to avoid this kind of problem is to opt for an open kitchen design idea with windows next door. To remedy this, also opt for a good quality vacuum cleaner and for home fragrances.

Experiment with an open kitchen decor idea, it is also not to forget the noise nuisance

kitchen-open-idee-interior-design-deco Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    The problems related to the organization of the kitchen, its cleanliness and odors are well known. They are part of the frequent considerations and weak points that are almost always considered. But this is not necessarily the case with noise pollution. kitchen-open-door-sliding-parquet-deco Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    In modern interiors, home theater and hi fi systems are an increasingly common complement. These are usually installed in the living room which is connected to the kitchen. If you share such a room in half and you also install your kitchen, you may experience noise while another person has fun. Conversely, the noises associated with cooking a meal can affect the experience of those trying to watch a movie. open-kitchen-design-scandinavian-furniture Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    This is a weak point that should not be underestimated. Do not forget to find a good way around this kind of problem. Good sound insulation is a must, especially if you live in an apartment in a building.

The kitchen with open plan requires an appropriate heating system

idea-kitchen-open-plan-modern-hearth-fireplace Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    A kitchen with open plan is often a large space. As with all similar parts, heating can cause problems. This is even more true in large contemporary apartments or lofts. kitchen-open-deco-interior-design-idea Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    No matter what type of heating you have preferred, you will need enough heat sources at home. Think about it to avoid unpleasant surprises during the cool months! open-kitchen-interior-design-idea-deco Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    The good news is that kitchens with open plan allow interesting solutions from a heating point of view. A nice open kitchen design idea in this respect would be to opt for a modern fireplace or for a wood oven. This one will give you the possibility to try new recipes, while warming up your living space even more! And now, here are some additional ideas for designing a kitchen with an open plan: kitchen-open-deco-inner-island-central-white-and-wood Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    black-kitchen-deco-open-plan-layouts Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    kitchen-modern-open-plan-deco-interior Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    modern-kitchen-with-open-plan-deco-idea Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    a021bb2acd5b3d92ec9d3b5d9e3d5da3-683x1024 Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    kitchen-white-open-plan-tiled-gray Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    87e2667b1eb58d5d0d3b0b926e78f5f1-710x1024 Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

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