Design living room deco: 50 modern living room interiors

Looking for a living room decoration design? Today, we will make you discover 50 modern living room interiors and their super stylish decor! Scroll down and find inspiring ideas for your living room design.

deco-modern-living-room-design-sofa-idea-coffee-table Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    The living room is a place of any significant living space. It is there where we receive guests, relax or watch a good movie with family or friends. In short, this room is large, comfortable and airy. After having arranged it, one chooses its decoration. The latter is simple and compact. What is deco living room design and how to choose it, discover in the lines that follow … living-room-design-sofa-gray-cushions-fixture-suspension Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

Deco living room design: the era of minimalist design

The modern decor is simple and functional. We forget anything that may seem cumbersome or imposing. Finally, the decor is an element that highlights the furniture and objects already present. What’s the trendiest decor lately? Minimalist decor, natural deco, artistic decor … living-room-sofa-sofa-gray-design-deco-wall Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

Potted plants: we go green

We already said that in 2017 – it’s time to go green. There is nothing better than the green decor. The plants are not only very pretty, but also allow to cool the air. We can enjoy a better airy and zen interior. It has been proven that plants help concentration. Here’s why, we do not hesitate to install them in his workspace or bedroom. The living room is also a great place! living-room-sofa-black-armchair-chair-design-wall-decor Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

Lighting – a key element for a successful lounge design deco

An interior with very strong lighting is never pleasant to live. Lighting is one of the key elements of successful interior design and decor. To highlight the furniture and decor of your living room and to create a pleasant atmosphere, we put on soft and soft lighting. sofa-design-cushions-carpet-floor-round-table Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    living-room-sofa-modern-design-sofa-gray-cushions-coffee-table Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

Floor mats for living room deco design – yes or no?

The floor mats is an element that always makes the interior more cocoon and pleasant to live. It is also a deco element very practical. If you live in an open space, the floor mat can help you define different areas. Usually, we install it in the living room where we put the sofa and the coffee table. living-room-sofa-design-chair-chair-wood-stool-wall Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

And what is the wall living room decoration?

The wall decoration does not take place! This is indeed his biggest advantage. We can also customize it as we want – photos, tables, drawings, collages … In short, the possibilities are really very numerous! We love the painting that decorates the living room wall below, and you? sofa-cushion-gray-design-trend Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

Which colors to choose for the living room decoration design?

Green, blue or neutral tones … This year, all shades are trendy! We choose them according to our own tastes and of course, according to the decor already present. Wood and green marry fabulously in the living room interior below, right? deco-living-room-design-sofa-green-carpet-wall-deco-wall-light-fixture Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    Floral patterns are very fashionable lately. If your living room lacks color or you just want to add an interesting and captivating deco element, we strongly advise you to opt for a living room decoration design with floral or tropical motifs – it’s up to you! You probably know the painter Henri Rousseau, the Douanier? Try to find something in this kind of style! You will see, it’s beautiful … deco-living-room-design-sofa-wall-deco-panel-armchair-ottoman Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    deco-living-room-design-sofa-purple-wall-deco-fixture-trend-carpet-floor Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

Decorate without cluttering, here is the idea!

A library, a lighting or furniture design … The decor is not something that has no function in itself. Indeed, the modern decor is all that is functional. Instead of installing objects that are not practical, put on new furniture, for example. Optimize your space and never forget that modern space is the one that is easy going! living-room-design-sofa-modern-gray-armchair-plant-pot Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    The living room in the photo below is very simple and successful design. First, there is lighting that plays a key role and makes the atmosphere very cocoon. The fact that there are very few objects is so important. There is the minimum necessary furniture – sofa, TV stand, coffee table and bookshelf. The decor is very simple – a small potted plant and a table installed just below the stairs. deco-living-room-design-fireplace-fireplace-fireplace-carpet-ideas-wall-decor Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

Geometric lines are super trendy lately.

You know why ? Indeed, they are almost always associated with Scandinavian and minimalist design. As you already know, Scandinavian design is very fashionable and loved by many. Simple, functional and elegant – everything you need to live in a comfortable space! deco-scandinavian-design-sofa-gray-wall-parquet-wood Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    We love the wall decor below and you? The abstract painting that decorates the wall adds a very dynamic side to the whole room. deco-wall-table-design-sofa-gray-chair-wood-carpet-floor-gray Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    Ah, green walls! Optimize, decorate and enjoy everyday greenery – an idea just too good. Many people living in small spaces decide to install plant walls in their interiors. In short, if you do not have much space at home and you want to enjoy everyday vegetation, the plant wall is for you! Indeed, you can even make a plant painting yourself. It’s very simple and it does not take a lot of time. If you want to know how to make a painting yourself, we invite you to consult our publication . deco-design-sofa-modern-gray-cushions-carpet-floor-table-wood-low Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

Fabulous ! A plant wall and ultra-stylish lighting fixtures, the result – a very chic interior and mid-value by its deco.

green-wall-design-living-room-sofa-lighting-deco Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    We love how the green armchair and the vegetation go so well together, do not you? This living room interior favors neutral tones, but does not hesitate to integrate some fresh decorative touches in the form of plants and plants. The painting hanging on the wall adds a very chic side to the whole room. living-room-design-deco-armchair-sofa-cushions-deco-wall-paintings Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    We recently devoted an article to the yellow color and its deco presence in modern bedroom interiors. Yellow is in fact color being part of the category of energizing colors. Since the living room and an active area, the yellow is therefore an ideal choice for the decoration of this space of the house. deco-design-sofa-gray-armchair-yellow-modern-carpet-floor-gray Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

Decorate without decor – the new trend!

And yes … Minimalism is fashionable. A simple space is an easy space to maintain and live. The minimalist decor goes further and further. At first, we dared to at least put a small decorative object and today, we put nothing! interior-decoration-living-room-decoration-white-gray Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    The carpet of soil – blow of heart! Ultra trendy and perfectly matched with the furniture and decor present … Well done! living-room-design-sofa-cushions-idea-armchair-deco Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    Do you like industrial design? US too ! Easy to recreate, economical and ultra stylish – here is how it can be described. At the base, the industrial style was born from the idea of ​​recovering and using building materials inside the house – concrete and metal. It was indeed a low price and eco-friendly style. Nowadays, it is ultra trendy and often associated with designer furniture and very expensive. In short, if you like this style, it is not difficult to invite him home and at a low price! industrial-living-room-deco-style-sofa-cushions-carpet-floor-coffee-table Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    Gray is one of the hottest shades in recent years. Neutral, uncluttered and easy to integrate into any room in the house – it’s no wonder that gray is one of the most popular shades for designing new, modern living spaces. interior-room-modern-chair Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    We can combine the gray with all the colors. Gray and white is a great classic that allows to design a relaxing interior. We often choose this wedding for the bedroom, the bathroom or the home office. Gray and pink, it is soothing and feminine at the same time. This kind of color wedding is often seen in Scandinavian style interiors, for example. In short, combining a neutral tone with a bright color is generally considered a very good idea for the show! interior-scandinavian-design-minimalist-deco-sofa Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

Light, light, light!

Your home lacks light? Opt for a white decor! White is the miraculous solution that makes any interior brighter and more relaxing. This is why interior designers often recommend choosing it for walls and ceilings. It allows to visually open and make even smaller spaces even brighter. interior-trend-sofa-cushions Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

Decorate your walls with art?

Yes it’s a good idea ! An abstract painting can highlight all your interior. You do not need to make a gallery to demonstrate your love of art. A table is enough! And you know what ? When it’s only a painting, the decor is accentuated and super chic. lighting-lounge-chair-table-lamp Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    If you like the exotic decor, you will undoubtedly appreciate the interior below. Indeed, its layout and decoration are a subtle blend of exotic and natural deco and industrial deco. Very successful! Potted plants are a must … lighting-room-suspension-sofa-design Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    Shabby chic style is a very feminine and soft deco style. Ideal to integrate in the bedroom, in recent years, it is also invited in the living room and dining room. If you like light tones of pink, blue, yellow and orange, this style of decoration is for you! Vintage and sweet – here are the two words that perfectly describe the Shabby chic style. lighting-room-table-bass-wood Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

What is the design living room deco successful?

The layout and decoration of an interior are successful when they are in harmony. Kitsch is out of fashion and has given way to minimalist style. We love the decor of the show below. Everything has been ideally matched. The rose adds a light, feminine and sweet side, while the wall decoration is reminiscent of the sea and the sky. wall-deco-lounge-pink-sofa Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    We love zebra patterns! Exotic and funny, we do not hesitate to integrate in the living room design deco. wall-deco-sofa-cushions-gray-carpet-ground Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    wall-deco-table-sofa Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

Modern interiors are open interiors.

No more times when we lived in separate spaces and rooms. In large cities, the square becomes more and more expensive which explains the interior designers decide to open the rooms to have a living space more comfortable to live. Finally, there is no point separating the living room from the dining room and the kitchen, for example. These three areas are just one area – the place where we socialize. wall-table-deco-chair Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    Lol! We love this open and spacious living space, and you? Kitchen, dining room, living room – everything is here to live comfortably. wall-vegetal-sofa-lounge-gray Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

Concrete and vegetation

A very interesting decision. These two materials come together to make our interiors natural and futuristic. The marble is also present and the vegetation is not absent. wall-vegetal-lounge-sofa Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    Living in the big city is not always easy. We live in smaller and smaller spaces which explains why we try to optimize and make them functional. Light, space, openness – here are the three key words that define comfort, metaphorically and literally. lounge-chair-white-carpet-ground Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    What an interesting living space! Black and white, deco bear drawing, fireplace and others – very curious this chic and unusual living space. We go to the mountains! lounge-sofa-cushions-deco-room-design Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    What it is brilliant say so! You like it, too? lounge-sofa-lamp-design Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    Do you like modern art? lounge-sofa-cushions Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    Yellow and gray – a harmonious marriage. Carpet to warm up, flowers to refresh. Perfect this little fun interior. lounge-chair-deco-flower-bouquet Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    Well, we already said – concrete and wood, it’s perfect! lounge-chair-design-carpet-basement Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    White, greenery and a few bright colors – interior decoration guarantee and successful landscaping. lounge-chair-design-deco-lounge-design Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    Oh yes ! Central fireplace in the middle of the chic lounge, it’s just perfect. A green tea, please. living-home-deco-room-design Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    The industrialist goes to the mountains. And why not ? We like this industrial interior and its natural side. lounge-interior-design Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    The luminaire does everything. Movement, dynamism, purity. modern-living-sofa-carpet-basement Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    Living in a digital age, we gradually forget the paper books. Of course, in France, this is not the case. We always want to continue to exist small bookstores. And yes, there are always people who have libraries at home! carpet-ground-cover-deco-lounge-design Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    Clean and simple – we love this interior and you? carpet-floor-wheelchair-gray-sofa Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    Long live nature! trend-deco-lounge-interior-design-contemporary Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    We love the hint of pink in the kitchen! sofa-blue-trend-deco-carpet-basement Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    So, have you already chosen your living room design deco? leather-sofa-deco-table-low Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

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