Design your living room below with 30+ ideas of organization and decoration!

conversation-corner-below-room-decoration Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    The conversation corners below were one of the great trends in interior deco in the middle of the 20th century. This way of arranging his living space is now back. It was designed first through landscaping for terrace with garden furniture below and outdoor fireplace of the same height. The trend is also returning in the interiors and it is endowed with ever more interesting forms. For now, in addition to creating a conversation corner, you can opt for a whole lounge below!

How to make your living room below?

To know how to arrange your living room below, you must first understand the concept of this type of arrangement. For this, note that the living room below is a common idea in homes with open plan. And it is not a hazard. These spaces are ideal for such a corner because they make it easy to divide the surface into zones. to-create-a-counter-interior-open-living-room Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    In practice, the living room or conversation area below is located on a lower level than the rest of the room. So it’s a good idea for living rooms with a little traditional plan. It is also suitable for organizing rooms on two levels. Depending on the difference in height, one can provide one or more steps facilitating access to this part below. arrangement-room-modern-interior-contrevas Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    To decorate your living room below, it is also to decide to play with the volumes of the room. Inside and outside, the space seems larger and more airy thanks to such an arrangement. The areas of the room are divided slightly and naturally. For this, we use a difference of levels instead of walls of separation. But is this type of living room layout really practical?

Lay out your living room below – what are the strengths of this solution?

modern-living-in-below-design Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    What are the real benefits of a living plan below? And should we consider this idea to develop his living room? Let’s see some points on this topic to start! living-in-below-interior-decoration-modern Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    First of all, designing your living room below is an excellent solution for organizing a space that has a difference in height on the floor. You will take advantage of the already existing features of the room to give it an even more chic look. As we said, we must not forget to add steps that will make access to this part of the show easier. living-in-below-layouts-interior-ideas Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    Second point to remember: the living room below greatly facilitates the organization of the interior space. Instead of looking for room separation ideas, you can opt for creating different corners within it. With this approach, you will avoid the installation of furniture or panels and you will get a brighter and more airy stay. living-in-below-layout-interior-design Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    In addition, develop a lounge below you will also highlight the height of the room. The ceiling of such a stay seems higher, which gives even more cachet to the space. To emphasize this effect, you can complement your decor with long curtains or striped wallpaper. 988be0c88016e5ed090b500ce7774b29-683x1024 Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    Let’s also add that the lounges below are usually decorated with furniture adapted to their specific form. For example, you can bet on an oval sofa or other furniture that stick well to the shape of the lower part of the living room. Fireplaces and fireplaces are another accessory found in both indoor lounges and outdoor spaces below.

What are the disadvantages of a lounge arranged below?

layouts-living-in-below-parquet-fireplace Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    Side disadvantages, it must be remembered that stays with different levels are a specific solutions. They are not naturally suitable for any interior space plan. In other words, designing a living room below is a conscious choice. This must be dictated by the shape of the piece. 11e165b9f05300eaa4140b53a065c31f-683x1024 Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    The scale and volume of the interior are key points. If you have a very small living room, you will have a hard time finding a nice way to create two levels within it. To obtain a result that is comfortable and pleasing to the eye, one must work with a large enough room. idee-deco-lounge-trend-plan-below Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    Second important point: the furniture for your stay. Be aware of your furnishing options. These are numerous and original. But what we must not forget is that they should necessarily be in harmony with the shape of the party below. Also think about how you will use this part. It is important to have enough seats and practical furniture (coffee table, support table) for all people. idee-deco-lounge-below-modern Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    Another element to consider: the cost. A sunken living room is undoubtedly a good interior design option for spaces on two levels. On the other hand, if you start from scratch and want to create a difference in heights in your home, the cost of the operation can be quite high.

Some ideas and inspirations to arrange your living room below

ideae-decoration-living-below-design-jpg Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    After talking about the essential features of living rooms on two levels, let’s now see some interior design ideas for this type of space. You will see, there are, today, several interesting ways to highlight such a stay. Take a look at the deco tips below. They could give you benchmarks for organizing your own living room. layouts-idea-room-modern-below Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

Perform room separation without using bulky furniture

A living room with two levels is a good idea for any style of decor, provided the room is large enough. This organization of the space makes it possible to separate the room visually . The space will keep a spacious and bright appearance. As far as furniture is concerned, it would be best to adopt a contemporary or modern style of decor. You could also draw inspiration from the retro trend by focusing on furniture that refers to the period when the corners of conversations below were the most popular. home-interior-design-open-white-below Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

Highlight the lower part of the salon to highlight its organization

The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčorganizing your living room below is good in itself. But it would be even more interesting if you can highlight your choice. For this, you have the option to opt for a wooden or stone border. This will accentuate the part separation visually. It will also give a more eye-catching look to your stay! 1df03c3fd120d831ee6802c4f4da9e4a-743x1024 Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

Enjoy the natural setting of your stay in two levels

A conversation corner below is a cozy and welcoming area. She invites us to spend more time alone or with friends. To reinforce this typical atmosphere of low living rooms, do not hesitate to use details of deco clever. The choice of these would depend on what you like to do to relax and have fun. For example, if you like conversations, you can install a fireplace. It will serve as a focal point for your conversation area. decoration-in-below-plan-living-arrangement Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    Do you prefer to relax while watching TV? So find a way to put your screen so you can practice this activity! And if you love nature and you are lucky enough to own a house with a panoramic view, do not hesitate to organize the space to observe the outdoors since your stay! deco-lounge-trend-stay-below-idee Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

Choose an original lighting for your stay

A lounge with a low part is an incredible space that guarantees a fresh and trendy decor. You will see it, it will quickly become your favorite corner in the house. And it’s not surprising at all because of its incredible comfort and the luxurious atmosphere it creates. To give a personal touch to this space, you can also opt for a lighting or an original ceiling decoration. 4b659cdb19ef62be9db816951fbf2c42-737x1024 Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    Imagine a suspended ceiling or a decoration with interesting paint color. It could be installed just above your conversation corner below. Special lighting designed to illuminate the lower part of the living room is another great idea. Thanks to this one, this corner would be highlighted in the evening! deco-of-living-in-below Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    Designing a living room below is a chic and modern way to enjoy more fully a stay with little traditional plan. The furniture, accessories and room design can help you showcase your room organization. They will also serve you to imagine an even more pleasant and welcoming atmosphere. For more inspiration, do not miss to explore all the images of our collection on the living below. And if this style of layout seduces you, you may also adopt it for your outdoor terrace! decoration-room-two-levels-below Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    decoration-design-living-below-wood Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    how-to-develop-a-living-in-below Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    how-to-decorate-a-living-in-contreas-two-levels Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    ecb9e68f93ecaf42676ff10ff3280520-650x1024 Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    to-arrange-his-living-room-counterbas-idee-decoration Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    arrange-your-living-room-cotrebas-deco-idea Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    to-arrange-his-living-room-below-modern-design-idea Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    to-arrange-his-living-room-counterbased-arrangement Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    arrange-his-living-room-arrangement-against-white-and-white Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    layouts-interior-living-below-deco Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    cef3fcf964c2f393c153b76b1eaf6781-683x1024 Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    ef9944bbee82b6fe91c9747a1f8702bb-683x1024 Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    layout-sunken-lounge-design-sofa Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

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