The Nordic Lounge invites the Scandinavian atmosphere to your home!

scandinavian-nordic-spirit-white-painting-lounge Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    Scandinavian design continues to enthrall thousands of people around the world. Neutral, elegant, modern and refined, it lends itself easily to customization through accessories and touches of various shades. You too are seduced by the magical world of Scandinavian decoration? To help you invite the atmosphere of Scandinavia to your home,

“Home decor group new” immerses you in 20 interiors of the Nordic living room.

This selection of Scandinavian deco ideas will teach you what are the essential elements of this style; you will also see how to further personalize your Nordic stay. From typical Scandinavian-style paint colors, to tips on finding expensive designer furniture and simple and effective customization ideas, we have lots of tips to share with you!

Discovering the secrets of a Nordic lounge: start with a neutral and uncluttered interior

nordic-lounge-idea-deco-scandinavian-modern-style Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    When one’s mission is to create an authentic Nordic living room, one necessarily begins with a space dominated by light colors. We therefore opt for white, light gray and beige. Rest assured, these tones will be the foundation that you will use for your home decorating work. Read on to see how to add more layers to the decor of your stay. scandinavian-style-deco-idea-room-furniture-nordic-accessories Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    Another key element of successful Nordic decoration, wooden surfaces. The Scandinavian decor invites us, once again, to choose light wood species. So that’s the secret of a perfectly balanced Nordic salon background!

Scandinavian furniture, a key element of the authentic Nordic living room

nordic-furniture-scandinavian-living-room-zen-idee Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    Scandinavian design, also known as Nordic furniture. Simple, practical but also comfortable and chic, the Scandinavian design furniture is essential for the successful development of a Nordic lounge. But, rest assured, no need to spend a lot to find furniture of this type. A sofa, a pouf, a coffee table and Scandinavian chairs are all you need. nordic-lounge-fireplace-cozy-atmosphere-scandinavian-design Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    The “Home decor group new” tip to save money while creating an authentic Nordic living room? Build on replicas of the great masterpieces of the Scandinavian style. To find out more, you can read our article on iconic Scandinavian chairs . living-room-scandinavian-furniture-ikea-style-nordic Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    To complement this range of Scandinavian furniture at low prices, you can also visit Ikea. The Swedish brand is well known for these Nordic furniture ideas at great prices. How to bring a personal touch to this interior? With one of our ideas Ikea hacks , of course!

Decorate a Nordic living room is playing on the contrasts of neutral tones

deco-scandinavian-living-dining-room-a-modern-design Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    As a rule, dark colors are part of the nuances that are avoided to use in interior decoration. But that’s not the case at all for the decor of the Nordic salon! Here, one is free to use a few touches of dark colors, especially black and gray. living-room-design-scandinavian-modern-glazed-bay Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    Having fun with the game of contrasts is a way to give more depth to your Nordic living room. To avoid an atmosphere too serious, we apply here again some “Home decor group new” tips! Among them, realize a wall of accent in dark color in a light corner of the living space. Another simple option would be to introduce one or two black or gray furniture into the room.

The Nordic lounge, a space that invites us to experiment with accessories of various styles

nordic-lounge-deco-scandinavian-vintage-fireplace-white Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    The Nordic Lounge is a space that invites us to experiment with accessories of various styles. The background in light tones and neutral shades allows us to complete such a stay by objects of deco very varied. One of the most beautiful styles mixing ideas is to use boho chic accessories. nordic-lounge-deco-black-and-white Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    A bohemian style rug, some leather poufs or other similar decorative items will give the room more character without depriving it of its Scandinavian spirit. A good way to recycle the decorations of your old stay!

The Nordic Lounge is a natural setting

scandinavian-living-plant Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    The Scandinavian peoples attach great importance to the balanced life and the influence of nature on their daily lives. For this reason, natural deco objects are an integral part of the Nordic living room. Among these objects are, of course, accessories made of wood. But they are far from the only natural element for Nordic stays! scandinavian-furniture-design-nordic-deco-lounge-ikea Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    Another simple and cheap way to replicate the typical natural atmosphere of the Scandinavian living rooms is to select some indoor green plants. e02dff2dd0e12a20f162c8a662c522e9-686x1024 Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    The beauty of this idea Scandinavian living room is that we are free to select the plants that make us happy. They can vary in size, species and composition. You do not have enough room for a classic green corner? In this case, think of a plant wall, climbing plants or epiphytes!

The fireplace, a chic accessory for the Scandinavian living room

scandinavian-living-fireplace-suspended-black-chair-nordic Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    Scandinavia is also known for its cool climate and harsh winters. What’s better than a chimney to cope with this type of climate? No wonder Scandinavian lounges often have fireplaces! scandinavian-furniture-living-room-nordic-dining-room Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    Even if all modern interiors do not include an old fireplace, today there are plenty of space saving solutions for those who want to afford such an accessory. Between the hanging fireplace, the modern wood burning stove and corner fireplaces, it’s up to you to find the best option for your Scandinavian living room!

Customize your Nordic design living room with touches of color

nordic-lounge-white-paint-color-touch-bright-interior-design Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    Finally, we share with you two tips on the color palette. The first quickly and easily refreshes the Scandinavian atmosphere with splashes of bright colors. The best thing is that to apply this deco idea does not even require big extra expenses. Some cushions, one or two plaids and mural paintings will be enough to obtain the desired effect! scandinavian-room-decoration-wood-light-beams Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    You do not like bright colors? No problem ! We have another solution for you. It would replace the touches of yellow, green and bright blue with soft tones in pastel shades. These nuances will harmonize very well with the Scandinavian atmosphere of a stay. They will also help you create a distinct personality in your home. nordic-salon-color-painting-interior-scandinavian Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    All this is very simple to accomplish. As for the solution quoted above, it would be enough of some cushions and small objects of decoration. Those who want a presence of pastel shades more sensitive just have to change the upholstery of one of their armchairs or their lounge ottomans. deco-lounge-scandinavian-lamp-tripod-style-nordic Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    So here are some simple ideas to make for a successful Nordic style salon. Take the opportunity to decorate your modern stay and give it more personality!

The Nordic Lounge invites the Scandinavian atmosphere to your home!

Scandinavian design continues to enthrall thousands of people around the world. Neutral, elegant, modern and refined, it lends itself easily to...

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