Send your projects or business.

Hi, would you like us to publish your projects on our site? In addition, thousands of people like facebook pages and in the group will be shared.

Please take note of the following when proposing a job to the project:

  • Try to give detailed information about product, work, project.
  • If you sell products, do not forget to enter information such as how, where, and cargo.
  • Work, project, your product photos get good quality and great resolution. If the pictures are too much and high quality, it will attract so much attention.
  • Be sure to enter your country and phone information correctly, otherwise we will not be able to broadcast or block the information we have noticed.
  • Write down the details of the information you want to be kept private so that we will publish them and share them when we publish them.
  • It is imperative that the information sent is in English, but we will publish it in the article in the local language section below.

    You can use email to contact us: [email protected]