Edison bulb: zoom on its origins and some ideas how to integrate it into its decoration

bulb-edison-fixture-suspension-design-modern-pot-plant Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    The Edison light bulb is a vintage style light bulb very fashionable lately. When it is present somewhere, it is impossible not to see it and not appreciate its old fashioned charm. Zoom on its origins plus some suggestions how to integrate it in the decoration of its bedroom, child’s room, living room, dining room, kitchen or elsewhere. You will also find some ideas on how to buy it or how to use it to make an original candlestick yourself. Scroll down and discover all our inspiring photos! bulb-edison-design-fixture-suspension Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    The Edison bulb was popularized by Edison Electric Light Company founded by Thomas Edison. The latter was an American businessman and entrepreneur who popularized several different devices such as the phonograph, the film camera and the light bulb, known today as the Edison bulb or vintage bulb. Thomas Edison is not the true inventor of the light bulb, but he is the first to market it and participate in its development. But who is the true inventor of the light bulb? It all started with the invention of the first incandescent bulb by Joseph Swann. It was she who gave the following to the invention of the electric bulb by James Bowman Lindsay. He was the first to present the prototype of the light bulb that we know today. lighting-fixture-interior-design-deco-bulb-edison Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

Why then do we say Edison light bulb?

One year after Joseph Swann’s invention, Thomas Edison filed a patent for a bamboo filament light bulb in Japan. Unfortunately this first light Edison grilled after thirty hours. Three years later, carbon comes to replace bamboo and ends up giving the Edison bulb a longevity of 1000 hours. A few years later, tungsten will be used. Edison and Swann decide to collaborate and together they create the Edison Company and Swan Electric Light Company which will become Siemens Ediswan in 1965. Both have their place in the history of the invention of the light bulb. lighting-fixture-interior-design-deco-bulb-edison Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

The Edison bulb has an incomparable old – fashioned charm.

Indeed, when we say bulb Edison, we often talk about an electric lamp. Basically, it was a carbon filament bulb. In 1904, the tungsten filament was more efficient and more durable than the previously used carbonized bamboo filament. Almost half a century after the appearance of more efficient bulb designs, Edison-style bulbs are resurging in restaurants that were looking for vintage mood lighting. Today, Edison bulbs are everywhere, in public spaces, as well as in modern home interiors. It gives off a very soft light and pleasant to the eye. lighting-fixture-interior-design-deco-bulb-edison Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    Modernized Edison bulb models can be easily discovered that combine aesthetics and efficiency. The design is absolutely the same, but they are more energy efficient and have a longer life span. There are all sorts of variants of the classic vintage bulb. Its minimalist, retro design makes it one of the favorite lighting solutions of many contemporary designers. The luminaire is this object of any interior that has a dual function: practical and aesthetic. Lighting is also a key element of any atmosphere. We do not choose the same lighting for the bedroom as for the kitchen, for example. 5558325ff51df90f95b9674d9c486849-679x1024 Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

Where can I buy an Edison light bulb?

You can really find it everywhere. In specialist stores such as Leroy Merlin, IKEA, Maisons du Monde, HABITAT, but also on online sales platforms: amazon, ebay, PriceMinister, aliexpress, Retro Bulb and many others. You can also find design suspensions inspired by the shape of Edison bulbs on the website archiproducts. In short, the variety is really big and find the model becomes easy. It is also possible to buy Edison bulbs and use them to make your own luminaire or candlestick. For this you can use glass bottles or jars etc. lighting-suspension-design-interior-deco-bulb-edison-led Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

How to integrate the Edison bulb in its interior decoration?

In unit or combined with other bulbs, there are several models of design luminaires inspired by the retro aesthetics of the Edison bulb. Which to choose depends on your desires, your budget and the room where you want to install it. For the bedroom or the child’s room, we will rather rely on a single vintage bulb hanging. While for the dining room or living room, we can opt for a luminaire composed of several bulbs. ec4560b449c754496a5a95eaa133a336-679x1024 Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    The light in the photo below is perfect for hanging over the dining table or in the living room. If you are looking for a vintage and practical decoration at the same time, this luminaire is the perfect solution for you! You will find similar designs on sale on the Lamps Plus website. suspended-luminaire-design-idea Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

A luminaire that adapts to all styles

This vintage light is perfect to integrate into an industrial style, minimalist or Scandinavian style. The interior on the picture below perfectly combines Scandinavian and industrial style at a time. There is only one Edison light / bulb installed. armchair-suspension-lighting-idea Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    Although you have not paid much attention to this cool fixture lately, the first half of 2018 will force you to notice it. This is one of the top design trends of this year! Do not think that you need a large budget to enjoy its aesthetics, it is quite possible to find Edison bulbs less than 10 euros. It all depends on what you are looking for. bulb-vintage-fixture-suspension Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    The candlestick made of several Edison bulbs below is indeed a DIY project . And yes, it is quite possible to make it yourself. We love its vintage and rustic look at the same time. And you ? You can see the steps of making a similar candlestick pattern here . This project is rather suitable for experienced do-it-yourselfers and is not quite suitable for beginners. In short, it’s always worth it to try, right? bulb-edison-interior Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    What impressive lighting, right? It has been perfectly integrated into the decor of this industrial-style living space. The wooden table is also very impressive. We also see several decorative elements and vintage furniture present: the closet, the stool, the desk and the office chair. office-room-lighting-hanging-idea Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

“Adventure is the best way to learn”

We totally agree! And the best way to find out if Edison bulb-inspired light fixtures will fit your interior and look at examples. The interior below is a perfect illustration of how to combine decorative elements and modern furniture with vintage elements. lounge-sofa-lighting-design-lighting Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    The light in the photo below can easily be part of a modern industrial style exterior. The industrial style is indeed one of the most popular styles by contemporary designers after the Scandinavian style. b273fb5ac925b3cf9ae2aefbb7b6fc6e-654x1024 Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    And if we put an Edison style light in the nursery? Yes, it is completely possible. We love the model below that makes us think of a spaceship. This is indeed the theme of this child’s room: the movie of the same name Star Wars . bed-child-bed-fixture-suspension Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    Our regular readers know well: we are great at all kinds of recycling and DIY projects. Instead of trashing your empty glass bottles, reuse them to create this ultra original light: bottle-fixture-suspension-idea-interior Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    This is also true for glass jars. You can use it to create an original and stylish luminaire like the one pictured below. Just buy Edison bulbs and have some empty glass jars (only one is enough) at home. Look how beautiful and original it is 92bf8577d9f5d3747ca0aef8350c8b39-737x1024 Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

Hanging lighting idea to make yourself with Edison bulbs and glass jars glass-recup-edison Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

Rustic wood shelves and hanging vintage fixtures blend in this nursery interior. The result: a retro and warm atmosphere at a time. 6938f55e6833de54f2f4421142ac949a-683x1024 Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    Do you like the pendant light on the picture below? US too ! You’ll find similar models on the allmodern website. modern-interior-design Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    Long live Scandinavian and minimalist design! The child’s room below has been designed in a very simple and yet original way. Everything is in white and the furniture in light wood. Edison bulbs are also present and installed above the desk. Magnificent ! b-child-suspension-luminaire Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    And here we are in another child’s room interior, too, featuring an original fixture inspired by the design of the Edison light bulb. child-room-lighting Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    We like the modern interpretation of the Edison bulb below. The shape is irregular and creates a very interesting 3D effect. edison-indoor-bulb Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    The candlestick on the photo below is currently for sale on the homelavade website. It is sold at a price of 124 euros. Perfect to be installed in the bedroom or in the living room. chandelier-bulb-edison-design-lighting Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    And if you are looking for cheaper vintage lighting ideas, we offer this suspended model for sale on the ebay website for 21 euros: edison-lighting-pendant-light Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    Heart stroke ! This Edison bulb ultra design at a low price and available for sale on the ebay website. It has a longevity of 5000 hours. cfc842879b9fa823de4e21e59dd5f4ab-683x1024 Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    design-pendant-suspended-edison Single Cloud Template - Home Decor    So, have you already chosen your favorite Edison light bulb? room-lamp-idea-bulb-edison Single Cloud Template - Home Decor

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